June 19, 2021



Click-away and click-inside shopping methods will end on May 14, Stampoulidis says

The general secretary of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Panagiotis Stampoulidis, in an interview with ‘THEMA 104.6’ radio station on Friday, spoke about a “good general picture in the restaurants, cafes and bars.”

He said that in a total of 7,000 inspections on Friday morning, 205 violations were found, which mainly concerned the use of a mask by customers while they were waiting to be served.

Speaking, however, about the lockdown measures, Stampoulidis noted that on May 14 the click away and click inside shopping methods will end.

Regarding the sending of SMS messages for movement outside the home, he said that the measure will be re-examined, while regarding the three-hour limit for shopping, he explained that no decision has been made at the moment.

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