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Covid-19: Caution Urged for Residents of 5 Greek Areas, one of them is Chania

Greek Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias urged the residents of Rhodes, Mytilini, Trizinia, Chania and Syros to be extra cautious due to the latest Covid-19 data released  for those areas.

Speaking to journalists during Covid-19 media briefing, Hardalias said that although the overall epidemiological data of the country is at a good level, with all indicators showing that the third wave of the pandemic is in recession, there is concern for five areas due to local data.

“The local epidemiological data is showing either a small or a large increase, rather than a decrease, of the viral load,” he stressed.

According to the minister, in the last five days, active cases have increased in the Municipality of Rhodes by 43 percent, in the Municipality of Mytilini by 36 percent and in the regional unit of Syros by 50 percent.

The deputy minister also referred to an increase of the viral load in the Municipality of Trizinia, while in the Municipality of Chania, active cases are at 213 when on May 20 they were at 169.

“We appeal to the residents of Rhodes, Mytilene, Trizinia, Chania and Syros, to be extremely careful and consistent with health measures and protocols to prevent a further spread of the virus,” Hardalias said, adding that the pandemic is not over.

“Any improvement of the overall epidemiological data has been achieved thanks to the country’s vaccination program and the observance of safety measures… and this must continue,” he said.

“Until the wall of immunity through vaccination is completed, health protocols and personal protection measures are our shield against the virus,” Hardalias reminded.

The deputy minister also announced that the government will impose emergency Covid-19 restrictions if any area in Greece begins to see a spike in cases. Measures will include an extension of the curfew, further restrictions in restaurants and cafes and suspension of farmers markets and live events.

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