June 19, 2021



Greek Digital COVID Certificate for Travel – Guidelines

Greece is joining the first wave of European countries that will begin issuing their own Digital COVID Certificates that are aimed to facilitate travel in the European Union.

Legislation regarding the certificate’s release as well as details regarding content and issuance (guidelines) was published in the Government Gazette on Sunday.

Greece’s digital certificate, expected to be available from June 1, is part of an EU-wide initiative and aims to facilitate the free movement of EU citizens during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and make it easier for them to cross European internal borders without facing additional travel restrictions.

The certificate can be used by travelers as proof that they have either:

– been vaccinated against Covid-19,
– have a negative test result, or
– have recovered from the virus.

How residents of Greece can issue their certificate

Residents of Greece will be able to get their Digital COVID Certificates through the www.gov.gr website (once the platform for the certificate is activated) after logging in with their tax number (AFM) and social security number (AMKA).

After logging in, users will select what information they will be providing in order to issue one of three different certificates: a certificate for being vaccinated against COVID-19, a certificate of a negative test result and a certificate of having recovered from COVID-19.

For a vaccination certificate

Vaccinated persons will have to include the following information:

1) name
2) surname
3) date of birth
4) disease targeted
5) type of vaccine
6) vaccine medicinal product
7) vaccine manufacturer
8) number in a series of vaccinations/doses and the overall number of doses in the series
9) date of vaccination (date of the last dose administered must be included).

For a test certificate

Greece’s Digital Covid Certificate for tests can be issued for PCR or rapid antigen tests. Those who have tested negative for Covid and want to issue a certificate will have to include the following information:

1) name
2) surname
3) date of birth
4) targeted disease
5) type of test
6) name of test
7) manufacturer of the test
8) date and time of collection of test sample
9) date and time of test result
10) test result
11) health facility where test was taken.

For a recovery certificate

The EU Digital Covid Certificate of recovery confirms that the holder has recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection following a positive test. The following information must be included to issue a recovery certificate:

1) name
2) surname
3) date of birth
4) the disease from which the person has recovered from
5) date of the positive result.

All three certificates will contain a unique identification number and QR code with a digital signature aimed at protecting from forgery. The QR codes will be verified on the European Commission’s EU Gateway portal.

Greece’s Digital COVID Certificate will be free of charge, available for printing on paper or for downloading in digital format and issued in English and Greek.

Later this month, residents in Greece will be able to issue the certificates also at KEP (Citizen Service Center) offices.

It should be noted that no one will be obliged to use the digital Covid certificates. However, only the Digital Covid Certificate will guarantee that one can cross internal EU borders without additional requirements (such as quarantine upon arrival), as it will be accepted by all member states.

The EU’s joint Digital COVID Certificate will be introduced in July.


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