June 19, 2021



Ferry passengers can now fill in mandatory health declaration electronically

All passengers wishing to travel by ferry or other ship must complete a Health Declaration  that is essential for boarding, independent of whether they also have a vaccination certificate, or a negative rapid test or PCR test result. 

The declaration form is available on the shipping ministry’s website, at the url https://www.ynanp.gr/el/gr-epikoinwnias-enhmerwshs/dhlwsh-ygeias-prin-thn-epibibash/, where it is completed electronically and printed, as it must be displayed before boarding.

As Shipping Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis said on Wednesday in an interview with the public broadcaster ERT, any passenger can now fill in the specific Health statement digitally or in hand-written form, adding that this will help make boarding smoother and faster.

Finally he announced that the ferries will continuing travelling at 85 pct capacity for those with cabins and 80 percent for those without cabins. 

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