Greek olive oil exports up a whopping 225% in 2002-2020, report

Exports of standardised Greek olive oil to EU countries and non-EU countries grew a spectacular 225% in the 2002-2020 period, totaling 52,735 tons, from 14,851 tons in 2002, SEVITEL (the Association of Olive Oil Producers) said in a report on Tuesday.

The report, based on data collected by the DG Trade of the European Commission, showed that exports of standardised Greek olive oil to EU countries totaled 31,655 tons in 2020, from 7,561 tons in 2002, up 319%, while exports to third countries rose 189% to 7,290 tons. In 2020, exports to EU countries rose 17.5% totaling 26,872 tons compared with 2019.

Germany was the biggest importer of Greek olive oil, with 14,907 tons in 2020, followed by the UK (2,698), Austria (2,578), France (2,032), Belgium (1,463), Sweden (1,385) and Cyprus (1,209). Among third countries, the US ranked first with 9,143 tons, followed by Canada (1,851), Australia (1,773) and Russia (1,218).

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  1. pavlos says:

    Why has the olive oil demand increased ? What corrupt land grabbing Foreign Corp. entity was bough up the olive oil of Crete to exploit and raise the price to the point where the locals can no longer afford to use it as there general cooking oil , like the cheeses /honey/ fuel oil / . As the rich get richer and the general population becomes more of an indentured work force , Life as usual when Humans support out of control greed “the demon of man” . Every thing has it’s price too pay , look at the poverty around you and then take notice at how many of those BMWs /and Mercedes you see running around by the new money elites crowd/ All the wives bejeweled/ sun tanned with long nails/and there puffy children . As the ELITE crowd increases the poverty level grows exponentially.

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