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VIDEO | “Tiny House” of TUC is the winner

While we struggled through 2020 and it seemed to be never ending year, we waited for 2021 to bring hope and ordinary life back to its tracks. Oh boy we were wrong!

We would like to say thank you to everybody who registered and submitted their works to us. It was a real pleasure to go through your works and see all of those sometimes really crazy ideas, which hopefully will see their implementation if not with us, maybe with somebody else, as some proposed projects we got we saw as non-modular construction.

Discussion with jury was also not so straight forward. Jury selected bunch of works for consideration and while main part of the works was mutually agreed to be selected to TOP 10, over discussion period and consideration, TOP works has changed positions several times. So without any further redo here are our conclusions:

Let us introduce you to this year WINNERS of Ryterna modul Architectural challenge 2021 TINY HOUSE!

First place – PEGHOUSE.3

Architects: Constantina GolemiEvangelia SiskakiEvgenia Chatziioannou – Undergraduate Architecture students from Greece / Technical University of Crete (Chania)

What attracted you to join this competition?

The small scale challenge along with the cohabitation of different space uses and last but not least, the interesting idea of the natural surroundings of theforest as canvas for the project.

Was it very difficult to design you project?

The most difficult part is to create the perfect spatial conditions in such a small scale without forgetting to keep an intresting form for the current func- tions. But of course the fact that it was a fun creativity game with a dose of challenge made it even more interesting and less difficult to follow.

Would you recommend to someone to look for our competition and join it next year?

Absolutely yes. There is no reason for someone not to attend this competition. Extra space for creativity, teamwork and an interesting challenge is always a YES for us!

Their LinkedIn pages:

Constantina GolemiEvangelia SiskakiEvgenia Chatziioannou

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