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Hardalias: We are far from another lockdown

“We are far from a lockdown against the pandemic, and there are a lot more measures than can be implemented, if necessary, before such a possibility,” Deputy Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias said to the press. Asked to name what other measures he believes may be implemented, Hardalias brought as example the use of a […]

Monday’s return to schools means diligent observance of all safety measures, says Kerameus, as Hardalias announces supervisory task force

Education Minister Niki Kerameus pointed out that the opening of schools on Monday must be carried out with diligent observance of all safety measures, especially by students, speaking at the Friday live briefing on the coronavirus pandemic latest facts and figures.  The minister hailed the establishment of a coronavirus task-force team by the ministries of […]

Slump in Airbnb business in many areas

Greek ads on leading short-term property rental platform Airbnb are now up to 30% down on the start of the year, as the health crisis has convinced many hosts to withdraw their properties from the holiday market and find long-term tenants. In the center of Athens the properties that continue to be advertised on Airbnb […]