All prefectures of Crete are standby. Showers, storms and snow all over the island

Showers, storms and snow… winter weather all over Crete, as National Weather Service had predicted.

All scheduled events for the New Year in front of the Municipal Market of Chania were cancelled, due to bad weather.

The arrival of Santa Claus in Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi was also cancelled.

Prohibotive departure from the port of Piraeus, due to strong winds (9 to 10 in Beaufort scale).

Heavy snow in Omalos… problems in traffic, due to landslides and rock falls, at the following places:

  • Road Chania-Omalos closed (at Petra Seli and Fokies)
  • Kakopetros
  • Mesavlia
  • Agia
  • Kaloudiana-Kefali-Chrysoskalitissa
  • Vlatos-Rogdia-Limni-Kammeno Seli
  • Topolia
  • Chania-Kissamos / Old and New National Road (from Stalos to Tavronitis junction). All drivers should be very careful
  • Kalami (National Road)
  • Panagia Harakas, Mylopotamos (National Road)
  • Bali
  • Sisses
  • Moulia (Messara)

Useful phone numbers

  • Municipality of Chania: 6972021255 / 6978007644 /6973774171 / 6973321902
  • Civil Protection: 6976622130
  • Municipality of Kandanos-Selino: 6978219780 / 6972035402

As announced by the Municipalities of Chania and Heraklion, Homeless Shelters will be open, due to bad weather.

Photos from Kladissos river (end of Selinou str., Chania)



Detailed weather forecast for Crete:

Wednesday, December 31

Showers and possible local storms for the last day of 2014. Winds will blow from northern directions (6 to 7 in Beaufort scale). Temperature will be from 8 oC to 12 oC.

Thursday, January 1

Heavy rain will continue on Crete for the first day of the new year, with possible storms. Winds will continue to blow from northern directions (7 in Beaufort scale). Temperature will be from 7 oC to 12 oC.

Weather will start to be better from Friday and Saturday.

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