Norman Atlantic: captain and shipowner to face charges

captain-and-shipowner-to-face-chargesThe passenger list of the Norman Atlantic is inaccurate to the point of being a forgery according to reporting by the Italian channel RAI.

The death toll of the accident, which saw the ferry catch fire in the early hours of Sunday morning between Greece and Italy, has now risen to ten, while search operations are continuing in the hull of the ship and the surrounding waters for additional victims.

The shipowner of the vessel, Carlo Visentini as well as the captain of the ship, Argilio Giacomazzi, are to face criminal charges in Italy over the accident. They stand accused of multiple manslaughter through negligence, shipwreck through negligence and causing bodily harm through negligence.

Given the inaccuracies in the passengers and crew list it is unclear how many people may still be missing. Over 400 people were rescued from the deck of the ship by Italian and Greek helicopters, which airlifted them to waiting ships. Initial reports stated that 478 people were listed in total in the passenger and crew lists indicating that the number of people still missing may be in the dozens.

A top official of the Greek Coast Guard has traveled to Italy to assist the Italian authorities with cross-checking the information on the lists. Two specially trained Greek teams are also ready to assist with the search of the vessel, if requested by the Italian government.

The Italian Defense Minister, Roberta Pinotti, held a press conference in which she spoke of 458 passengers and crew of whom 427 people have been rescued. Reports earlier spoke of 432 survivors while the number of those on board was initially set to 478. The inability of Greek and Italian authorities to agree on the number of passengers and those rescued has raised many eyebrows. Meanwhile, it appears a number of illegal immigrants may have been on board the ship making the numbers even more obscure.

ANEK Lines, the company that had leased the ship, has now released a revised list, according to which it now says that 475 passengers and crew were aboard the vessel.

In an official announcement ANEK states that three people who are listed as passengers in the original list did not board the vessel. One crew member listed also remained in Greece, while on board the vessel was an individual – the spouse of a crew member – whose name was not on the original list.

As such, on departure, 475 people were on board the Norman Atlantic, according to ANEK, of whom 55 people were crew members. According to the company all of the crew members are safe.

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