by Pandelis Spyridakis –

Inspiration is the one thing that… smells October all over the city, the life, the house Cooking, writing, talking with friends, discovering Crete ’s destination to travel out…

… such an October life sign

Are you nuts enough out there? Cause winter is calling us to move a liiiiittle more our sensations!

Live – with Inspiration

Love – with Simplicity

Laugh- with a Happy Mood

Drugging myself from road to road in the old town of Rethimno, I suddenly met Nikos – the guy in the foto…

As you can see he creates tradiotional Cretan music instruments , an art of many generations…

INSPIRATION -…is his last brilliant idea!

His store is the most loved corner for all the visitiors in Rethymnon.

Nikos Papalexakis created a giant lyra according to the characteristics of a classic Cretan traditional lyra, which produces the exact same sound of a cello.

The amazing is that this lyra has taken part in real concerts…

Love – with Simplicity

Gianna Bulmer – well known musician – stopped at the store and played the giant lyra, which attracted all the passengers and took photos of the moment.

She loves classic music and takes part at concerts in German, so she didn’t miss the chance to try playing the unexpected giant lyra.

Laugh- with a Happy Mood

And in my Happy Mood… I had this de javu!!!

The very first time I met Nikos Papalexakis.

It was about 2006 when Greece won the Eurovision Contest with “My Number One” and Elena Paparizou… You remember the music theme with lyra on the European stage?… made by the hands of Nikos Papalexakis from Rethimno!

And then I whisper inside me

Live – with Inspiration

Love – with Simplicity

Laugh- with a Happy Mood… and somehow this will bring a brilliant idea, an astonishing idea “USE YOUR BRAINS”, a better day to start, a faboulous October to happen…

Shall we? Be my guest guys!!!

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